A Denture Deep-Dive

A Denture Deep-Dive

Posted by Really Smiles Aug 29, 2015

Denture in Carmel, IN

If you need dentures you’re probably worried about several things: how will they look? Will they feel okay? Will I still be able to eat the foods I love? Will it be difficult to talk? These are all good questions to ask, especially since you’ll be living with your dentures for years to come!

At Really Smile Dentistry we craft some of the finest dentures available. Ours are custom-designed just for you, ensuring a good fit and great performance! Today’s dentures are nothing like those of yesteryear, which is why we’re here today. We want to talk about some of the dentures that came before – you’ll be thankful for modern technology when you hear about these!

Long, Long Ago…

The earliest records of dentures can be traced to around 700 BC! Archeologists have found Etruscan dentures in northern Italy made from human and animal teeth. They were held together with gold – that can’t be too comfortable!

You’ve also probably heard of someone’s famous wooden dentures (more on that later), but these were actually far more popular in 16th century Japan! Completely wooden dentures were carved based on beeswax impressions and were worn just like modern dentures. The Japanese also used ivory and bone to make dentures but wooden ones were common up until Japan opened itself to the world in the 19th century!

Dentures In The Early Days of the United States

Starting in the late 18th century, French dentists started using ceramic for dentures. While these early models chipped easily and didn’t last long they were still a major advance in technology! Dentures of this era were also often spring-loaded for easy opening – they weren’t very good at staying in place!

One of the most famous sets of American dentures undoubtedly belonged to George Washington. You’ve probably heard that his were made of wood, but that’s not true! Washington actually had some of the most advanced dentures of the time, crafted from ivory, bone, gold, and even human teeth.

Here’s an interesting fact for you: the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 resulted in a flood of teeth into the denture market. Called “Waterloo Teeth,” they were removed from deceased soldiers and were a hot commodity because they came from healthy young people. Aren’t you glad you live in today’s world of realistic synthetic products?

Dentures Today

Today’s dentures are so far removed from the era of Waterloo Teeth that it’s hard to imagine actually having to wear someone else’s teeth in your mouth. We are able to craft dentures made from incredibly high-quality materials and the ability to fit dentures properly has come a long way even in recent history!

At our Carmel dentist office we practice making the best class of dentures: cosmetic. There are three classifications of denture: non-custom economy sets, average dentures, and cosmetic dentures. Rather than waste your time with cheap, easily broken, or poorly fitted dentures we only offer the best!

Cosmetic dentures are produced in a two-step process. First we remove any remaining teeth that you may have. We’ll fit you with a temporary set of dentures so that you can get used to them and function while you heal, and then we’ll have you back for fitting of your final set. We’ll take digital impressions for pin-point accuracy and then construct your new set!

Implant-Supported Options

Another great leap in denture technology has come with dental implants. Using a series of dental implants we can create a system that allows your dentures to snap firmly in place – no more slipping, sliding, or falling! Implant supported dentures can take your great cosmetic denture set and make them even more perfect!

If you need dentures, or simply need a better set, don’t wait any longer. Call Really Smile Dentistry today to schedule an appointment – our number is 317-597-8748! If you want to request an appointment right here online we have that option available too – just use our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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