A Dental Crown Will Save Your Natural Tooth

A Dental Crown Will Save Your Natural Tooth

Posted by Really Smile Aug 14, 2014

Dental Crown  in Carmel, IN

As we discussed in our previous post, your tooth root is very important to the structure of your jaw. The root should be preserved whenever possible, which is why we hesitate to extract an old, worn out tooth just because it’s old and worn out. Instead, we try to find an alternative method that will allow us to save your natural tooth without allowing more damage to occur. We do this by using dental crowns. A dental crown can save a worn out old tooth so that you can maintain a healthier smile!

Many factors can cause a tooth to wear down. Neglect, age, and injury will all lead to broken, worn down teeth. Sometimes, it’s an old filling that does the trick. A large, old filling can often leave a tooth structurally weak. Whatever caused the problem, we need to strengthen the tooth quickly so as to protect the integrity of the tooth as a whole. We use a dental crown for this task because it will hold the natural tooth together while also protecting it from bacteria that could lead to infection or decay.

Having a Crown Placed

Crown placement is very straightforward. We first need to remove the edges of your natural tooth crown to create room for the dental crown to fit over the top. We take impressions and place a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being custom created in the lab. We then call you back in for the final placement, where we remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown into place. Just like that, you have saved your natural tooth and tooth root.

We will take whatever steps necessary to protect your natural teeth from being extracted because natural teeth play an important role in maintaining the overall structure of your mouth. The dental crown allows us to preserve a tooth that would otherwise be considered too weak to maintain. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us know how we can help you preserve your natural smile!

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