A Better Way To Treat Cavities In Carmel, IN!

A Better Way To Treat Cavities In Carmel, IN!

Posted by Really Smile Jun 29, 2016

Cavities in Carmel, IN

Hello and welcome to another June edition of the Really Smile blog!

If you have ever had a cavity, and based on the numbers you probably have, you will likely have had that decay treated with an age-old remedy: amalgam fillings.

One major complaint about silver amalgam fillings is that they are unattractive and draw unwanted attention. All that metal just looks out of place on the top of your otherwise pearly whites.

That was not the only problem with amalgam fillings.

It sounds counterintuitive but old-school fillings can actually weaken your tooth and cause damage to your smile. Plus, if you are allergic to metal or mercury in particular you may have a bad reaction to what is supposed to be a healing procedure.

But we have listened to your concerns, and we’ve made some changes at our Carmel, Indiana dental office. We are here to tell you that now is the time to come in and replace any old and damaged fillings with a more attractive and natural-looking alternative: tooth colored fillings!

Forward-Looking Treatments For Tooth Decay

Tooth-colored fillings are a modern dental solution that can enhance both the health and appearance of your smile. To place your tooth colored fillings, we simply remove any decayed portions of the tooth or teeth in question and apply a bonding agent. The filling is then sculpted into the right shape and light cured to bond with the tooth surface.

Tooth-colored fillings are increasingly popular around here and it is not surprising when you consider the improvements they have facilitated for restorative dentistry.

No More Metal Mouth

As we pointed out, the amalgam fillings that were relied on in earlier eras of dentistry have a silver color, while a composite filling can be made to blend in with your tooth color.

Safer Supplies

Mercury is not something that most folks want to put in their mouth. Fortunately, the new and improved composite material is made from safer materials, and relies on a strong resin to restore your smile.

Better Bonding

Amalgam fillings are very strong, in a certain sense.

However, that kind of filling won’t actually bond with your tooth. This results in weakened teeth eventually.

By contrast, tooth-colored fillings are made from bonding material, so your filling will bond to the inside of your tooth, making for a longer-lasting restoration that won’t cause trouble later on.

Take The Next Step!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post!

To determine if your teeth need fillings or if old fillings ought to be replaced, your best bet is to schedule a checkup and consultation. That way Dr. Smith and the rest of our team can assess your unique situation and create a personalized plan of action.

To get started, contact us online or call our Carmel, Indiana dental office at 317-597-8748!

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