5 Surprising Reasons To Brush Your Teeth

5 Surprising Reasons To Brush Your Teeth

Posted by Really Smile Jan 21, 2016

Brushing in Carmel, IN

Are you a regular tooth brusher? If you’re seeing us at Really Smile in Carmel IN there’s a good chance you are. But how well are you brushing? Are your habits good enough to stave off all of the possible risks that come with poor oral hygiene?

Brushing should always be done twice a day for at least two minutes, and be paired with flossing in the evening. You should be getting every surface of your teeth for best results, too. You know what’s at risk if you don’t brush well: cavities and gum disease!

Are those the only risks that come from not brushing properly? Not at all – while they are the most common and immediate problems for patients who don’t brush well they aren’t the only concern. The complications that come with bad tooth care are numerous – here’s five of them you might not know about at all!

#1: Lower Birthweight And Newborn Dental Problems

Are you expecting a bundle of joy? If so, congratulations! Now go brush your teeth.

Joking aside, women who suffer from gum disease are far more likely to have an underweight child, putting them at risk for numerous health conditions. There’s also a more long-term oral health problem for those children as well: they have much higher rates of cavities and gum disease.

The bacteria that causes problems in the mother’s mouth are easily passed to the fetus, and as they grow that bad bacteria will take up residence in their mouths as well. You don’t want to give your child the gift of bad teeth, do you?

#2: Conception Delays And Pregnancy Troubles

Women who have poor teeth might have a harder time getting pregnant too. An Australian study actually found that mothers with gum disease took on average two months longer to conceive a child. If you’re trying to start or continue a family that’s not good news!

Keeping up with your dental health is important for the start of, development, and continued health of a family. Don’t endanger a happy future by skipping on your oral hygiene!

#3: Impotency

Watch out, fellas: bad oral care habits don’t just affect the ladies. Men as young as 30 years of age have been shown to have impotence problems due to poor oral hygiene. One study found that 53 percent of men suffering from “those kinds” of issues had serious gum disease. Only 23 percent had completely healthy mouths – that’s a pretty big difference!

With all these family problems due to gum disease it pays to have a healthy smile – not just for your bodily health, but maybe to make your partner happier as well!

#4: Dementia Risks Skyrocket

There is a 30 to 40 percent increased risk of patients suffering from dementia if they also have poor oral health. Bacteria that causes gum disease and other oral health problems has an easy time getting into your bloodstream, and once there it can easily find its way to your brain.

The increased rates of gum disease and tooth decay in dementia patients points to the negative effects of that bacteria on psychological health, so do your best to keep it out of your bloodstream by brushing and flossing it away daily!

#5: Save Tons Of Money!

Bad oral health isn’t just a drain on your social life, family planning, mental health, and happiness: it’s also a drain on your bank account as well. Regular preventive dental care saves you the cost of expensive restorations and other treatments later on, and it takes far less time as well!

Good oral health isn’t challenging: it just takes good home care habits and regular visits to our Carmel office for cleanings and exams. Twice a year is all you need to ensure a healthy, happy smile for years to come!

Don’t Play Games With Your Smile

You can keep yourself healthy, save money, and eliminate all the uncertainty that comes with bad oral health by starting with a simple phone call to Really Smile Dentistry. Schedule an appointment by calling us today at 317-597-8748, or request the ideal time by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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